I should have listened to Chris in the previous complaint. Be very careful with Landrieu Bros. Just because it is an old family name in the New Orleans area, or becaue they’ve been in business for 25+ years doesn’t mean anything. Sales 101 The first brother, Kenny Landrieu, came to my house twice to provide estimates on hurricane damage. He even met the insurance company to review the estimate. I decided to contract for the first part and perhaps do the second based on how they do the first contract – they had been helpful in a time of need. HOWEVER, when I let Kenny know I was only doing the first part, he actually YELLED at me on the phone – the second brother, Greg, even joked about this. Moral of the first experience – hope you don’t scare easy. Contracting 101 – BE CAREFUL Kenny Landrieu wrote a general contract based on the detailed estimate he had previously provided and the conversations and agreements we had made. I signed it and the last line says this contract contains all work and there are no verbal agreements. Without the specifics, they can cut corners all over the place – and remember those conversations that you had with the first brother when he was doing the sales job – forget them. Make sure every little detail, down to measurements, brand names and models (i.e. 650 square feet Certainteed Monogram siding, 18 sheets 1/2″ CDX plywood), is in your contract. Leave nothing to a friendly handshake or gentlemen’s agreement – no room for give and take!!! Lesson learned – get every little detail in writing. Construction 101 Remember, if your job is less than $75, 000, they do not have to be a licensed contractor. Second brother, Greg, comes out to explain work. Then he explains to the construction lead from El Salvador who is fortunate enough to speak Spanish so the Mexican workers understand him -because they do not understand you. I would suggest you do research on how the work should be done so you can oversee it and make sure they do it right. There are many installation guides and best practices on the internet to guide you. My hurricane damage from Gustav is all messed up because they let “Tony” do the work because he needed the money – but that’s not their siding man – they’ll get “Eric”, their professional siding man to come out and fix it – why didn’t they do the work correctly the first time. My electrical work was done by the roofing helper that happened to be on the job that day – he said he was licensed in Florida… You have to stay on top of everything – literally! I trusted this company, but when I went on the roof to check, I had cracked shingles and siding that wasn’t even nailed to my house, not to mention that roof leak! After further inspection, the siding was not installed correctly in many places so the manufacturer will not warranty – they will say it is an installation problem. Did I also mention they did not use the agreed to siding (verbal) – they used the model a step below which is thinner and less expensive for them. Another lesson from contracting 101. Consumer 101 Be careful – once you get them mad – they yell at you! I’m a 5’3″ woman and this 6’+ man was standing in my driveway yelling at me – and that’s the second time! My family says I should not have let him yell at me – everyone says it is because I was a woman alone. I would suggest you have someone with you when dealing with these people so you have a witness to everything. Just be CAREFUL and remember – get every detail written in that contract, watch every move they make. Unfortunately, you can’t trust anyone these days. I’ll have pictures posted soon.

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