Complaint: We are a small Cincinnati business that made the terrible mistake of hiring Larry Glassman to negotiate a settlement in a legal dispute with one of our vendors. Our goal was to settle the case for the least amount possible. Not only did he GOUGE us for more money than we actually paid in the settlement, but we found out after the fact that he had not conveyed our offers to the vendor so that he could KEEP GOUGING US!!! After he had “represented”” us for several months

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Address: we discovered he had LIED about his credentials when we contracted with him (he claimed he was a “”dispute resolution expert”” with a law degree from Harvard when in fact he’d gone to OSU). Then

Website: we ended up paying more in settlement money because the vendor had incurred more in attorney’s fees in the interim. It is UNBELIEVABLE that the state of Ohio allows scumbags like Larry Glassman to practice!! Oh

Phone: when we confronted him about that and other things