Complaint: Las palms of the intercoastle may look like a nice place it is run by a mccarthy reshime Linda spence or you can call her linda mccarthy is the one with the iron fist then it go’s down to the Condo Association Board that is spending money like a drunken sailor before he gets sent out to sea. they you threats like tow your car at owners expense and they do and then they want their monthly check and spit in your face. Linda Mccarthy and your association board loves to work with an iron fist on the budget we spend and spend and then they will jack of the association fees. The only good people here are the maintenance guys they are good and nice and will help you with any thing you want that’s why i still stay here. You have collage kids here that litter all over the place and adultery non stop if you like h*ll you would love this place i am still waiting for an open orgy in the center of the fountain. the rent is not cheep the people care about themselves here not others they don’t care about you at all to them your just a nuisance and they say the h*ll with you and take your money.

Tags: Clubs & Organizations

Address: 1010 bella vista blvd Internet United States of America