On June 3, 2014, my wife and I sat through a presentation to purchase into Las Palmas Travel Network Program while we were on our honey moon in Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica. We were promised: | -7 night Resort Getaaway | -Free Crused with purchase of one cruise | -Free Flight with purchase of one airfare | In addition, the program we were puchasing would allow us to reserve hotels, crusies, etc. for discounted rates. The cost was $1,999 which we used on credit card. The company was suppose to contact us back in 2 weeks to walk through our plan we purchased. They never did. However, I did get emails from “Las Palmas Travel” showing us deals we could purchase. We did not have vacation planned for that year so we did not use it. In May 2015, I tried making contact via phone and email not having any luck. I wanted to ask some questions about a upcoming trip we were planning and I was going to ask about the yearly $199 membership due. After several attempts I could not get a response to the contact numbers that the hotline was giving me. Everything was disconnected and my emails were not going through and coming back to me. Yes I am a d**n idiot for falling for this and they did an excellent job by giving us a free breakfast on the beach and smooth talking us into this.

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