I received a very cheap watch and necklace in the mail, merchandise I did not order. I called the company, Latestfashions, to inquire and was told this was part of a monthly auto renewal service I subscribed to. After protesting that I did not and questioning the company, she finally said I may have taken an on-line survey after I made an online purchase a month ago which would have automatically entered me. Apparently it was hidden in the fine print that I agreed to a monthly merchandise subscription. When I asked how much the merchandise cost she told me $189.97!!!!! I told her I wanted to be cancelled and would immediately return the merchandise. She then told me she would cancel me, and she would “do me a favor”” and only charge me $94.98. I told her I was calling the credit card company and immediately

reporting this as fraud

returning the materials with a request for signature that they received and I would not pay a penny. She then told me I could keep the merchandise as a u201cfree giftu201d and gave me 100% refund. I still contacted the credit card company and reported this and disputed the charges. I wonder how many unsuspecting people they are doing this too!? I looked on line and see several others making the same complaint; apparently they are also doing this with handbags as well as the jewelry. Finally

I looked up the watch and the necklace on line. The Q&Q Water Resist watch retails for $15 – $25 and the necklace at Wal-Mart for $19.99. If I didnu2019t demand my money back and agreed to 50% they still would have made more than double the actual value of these products. SCAM!!”

6312 SW Capitol Hwy #421 Portland, Oregon USA