This is Laura Watson from Warwick, RI. She is a Homewrecker in the 1st Degree! I was with my husband for 10 years and we have 4 children between the 2 of us. This is our 2nd marriage and I have 2 boys and he has 2 girls that we have raised together as brothers and sisters. May 25, 2009 my 17 year old son died. I had started to get sick February 2009 and after the death of my son, my symptoms exacerbated. I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune disease. My husband at the time took over the responsibility of our marital finances. According to him, this was”to help me out.” My husband instead of paying the bills, he decided to lie and misappropriate our marital finances. He proceeded to take loans out, without my knowledge and then stopped paying the bills, including our mortgage. I found out he was cheating on top of all the financial betrayal and kicked him out. My husband proceeded to borrow money from his retirement and take Ms. Laura Watson to Costa Rica for a week. || He ended up moving in with her, 2 months after he left. As I started to go through things, I discovered my husband NEVER finished paying for my SON’S FUNERAL BILL! I decided that Laura should know what he was truly like. I figured there was no way a smart woman with respect for other women, would stay with a 40 year old Scumbag who steals, lies, cheats and doesn’t pay for his stepson’s funeral…But can still afford to go to Costa Rica?! WRONG! Laura doesn’t care that she is a whore involved in destroying what’s left of a family. Must be all the Miller Light she drinks every day? || My husband now lies to her! Laura has no idea about all of the money $$ my husband is paying me, or how much debt he’s in. Laura and my husband took my youngest stepdaughter, to the same place we went to as a family for 10 years! Who does that?! Now he’s 41, still a liar and he has the same thing he had when he was 29, Nothing… Except a WHORE to do nothing with! Karma