My husband, Sean and I first met in Middle School, after losing contact for 30 years, we reconnected at age 40 through a reintroduction on Facebook supported by mutual friends. Sean had a terrible upbringing and struggled with drug addiction and alcoholism for most of his life – but, was active in recovery when we initially got together. At that time, he had nothing, but seemed like a kind person with a beautiful soul that had been dealt a raw deal in life (ie. childhood abuse and neglect, addiction, incarceration…etc). We dated and then lived together for over three years. During that time, he had setbacks in his recovery, which I supported him through. I was with him through in-patient rehabs, outpatient rehabs, at 12-step meetings, and in therapy sessions. He was provided a job working for my father’s business at a time that he was unable to find work (because of a suspended license associated with a past drug conviction) – and maintained that job for the entire three years we dated despite his relapses. My family knew that I loved Sean and they wanted to see him get the help he needed) – so, he was given multiple chances at work that would not have been afforded to other employees. As a working professional, my income was three times what Sean’s income earning potential was. So, he wanted for very little. We frequented live sporting events, Broadway plays, and vacationed together. || To encourage him in recovery, we purchased a big screen TV (at his 1 month anniversary)and a Mustang GT (at his 90 day anniversary). I encouraged him to enroll in college and supported him in his studies, so that he could maintain a 4.0 GPA. After he was clean for almost an entire year, Sean asked me to marry him – and we got engaged. We were married on Valentine’s Day 2015 – a day that Sean told me was the happiest day of his life – and had a wonderful honeymoon in Hawaii. An entire table at our wedding was filled with friends that Sean made at AA meetings during the time that we were together. The rest were family and the mutual friends from school that we regularly spent time together with as a couple. || In September (after not even one year of marriage), the drug addict whore in the photo above – named Lauren Richelle-Fonnest, who is from East Meadow NY – started attending the same AA meetings as my husband, Sean. She was a 26 year old drug addict living in a women’s sober house in Bay Shore, NY and asking my husband if he could help her by driving her to and from the AA meetings that they were both attending. Sean wore a wedding band and it was common knowledge among everyone at those AA meetings that my 44 year old husband was married. Yet this 26 year old slut threw herself at him and they began an affair sometime in late September or early October. I did not find out about her until December 18th – right in time to ruin Our First Married Christmas together. I was completely blindsided and totally devastated by the betrayal. || During the time that the two of them were having this affair, I was busy working 12-16 hours a day. So, there were only a few instances where he and I had arguments that I later realized stemmed from his efforts to continue to carry on this affair. First we argued about the fact that he selected to attend meetings that were late in the evening (after I got home from work and at a time that we ordinarily had dinner together) – THAT was the meeting that he and the whore attended together – so it was important that he prioritized getting the sex that she was so freely offering. Then on Thanksgiving, he NEEDED to go to help serve the homeless at a soup kitchen (something he had never done in the past), rather than stay at Thanksgiving dinner with our family – THAT was so he could see the whore on Thanksgiving day (I imagine, so that she didn’t feel like the worthless skank that she actually is). At one point I had a bad vibe about “the women from the sober house that he was driving to meetings – and when I asked about it, he assured me that he would never be with a homeless drug addict slut like that – even if he were single. During the time that they were together, my husband and I were in the process of completing two cycles of IVF treatment in an effort for us to try to have children – I had no idea that he was potentially bring home god knows what kind of disease to our bed. || Clearly, I do not hold him completely blameless – while Lauren Richelle-Fonnest is most definitely a home wrecking whore – I immediately filed for divorce from Sean. After all that I did to give him a second chance at having a life in which society might view him as something more than a lying drug addict – this betrayal was just too much for me to bare. Even after I found out about his affair with this whore, he continued with her – explaining that “she is now is only option”, since I refused to forgive him. After living with this man for more than 4 years, I truly had no idea that he had the capacity for this type of betrayal. Our family and mutual friends were equally shocked by what he had done. So, once those divorce papers are signed, she can have him all to herself. The two of them can be lying, deceitful drug addicts together – and if there is any such thing as karma , that whore will have a lifetime of the type of betrayals that I have endured – starting with my soon to be single husband.