At first there was a very good and trustful contact between the supplier and myself and after several emails and technical drawings I decided to order the tap of the brand called Gessi. I paid half of it, 246EUR. Delivery time was supposed to be 1 month but after 5 weeks I started to contact the Lavabogiant again. This Mr Facci wrote me that there were some problems with the production line in Italy and therefore there was a delay but within 2 weeks it should be ready for transport. Of course it didn’t and after another email and another and a couple of weeks Mr Facci of Lavabogiant suggested to pay me back my deposit. This didn’t happen so I wrote him again and then he told me he had to wait until my order for the tap was cancelled in Italy. I wrote him that this was ridiculous and that he promised to transfer the money. Unfortunately this never happened. After everything I checked his address and then I realized that he cheated me. No answers anymore on my emails.

mill mall piper, 2nd floor, wickhams cay 1, p.o. b Tortola, Other Virgin Islands (British)

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