Complaint: The law firm of Arnold N. Hirsch has been a nightmare of misrepresentation, attorney abandonment, financial exploitation and allowing a predatory guardian fiduciary to emotionally, mentally and financially abuse my mother and dessimate our estate. He does not communicate with his client who has dimentia so basically to his client, it never happened. He has allowed his client to be taken advantaged of, her family to be forced out of their family home and the pillage of hundreds of thousand of dolllars by his firm and Next Steps for Families that our family has lost and are seeking resitution and damages. His malfeasance and utter contempt of my mother and her family has resulted in the ongoing abuses to continue and each and every incident he is aware of and refuses to act on behalf of, “his client””. He has systematically turned his back on my mother

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Address: but other families as well. If you love your mom or dad do not use this lawyer. You will do at your peril.”


Phone: 275 N Plaza Dr Apache Junction, Arizona USA