Complaint: First thing, I found this lawyer on Craigslist. Then we met at Starbucks as he wished. He does not have an office. I did paid him a retainer fee of $500 to work on correcting 2 contracts (1 was 2 pages and the other 9 pages) and then without communication about the time he was taking on it, he sent me a bill of $1325. I was shocked! I never asked him to work for more than the $500 I gave him, plus I told him to specifically let me know when he will be over the $500 I gave him already. That is how good business is conducted between normal people. Well, not for him! He insulted me 3 times verbally in public, inside the court, telling others how an idiot I am as I will lose the case…I have been harassed by him, mentally abused and insulted. He has been very aggressive and totally unprofessional. I don’t believe that reflect the standard behavior of a professional lawyer. Hi work for me was more expensive than other lawyers at the end of it. He made me feel like he was cheaper than others, but in fact other lawyer will expedite the work I gave him in less than 2 hours. Be AWARE! That was a very bad experience and the most unprofessional lawyer I ever worked with.

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