We had an exceedingly negative experience with the Law Offices Of Vincent W Davis & Associates. | My wife & I are former foster/adoptive parents. Last year, DCFS placed a very dangerous & mentally disturbed 13-year-old foster girl in our home with a false backstory. DCFS was aware that she was violent, psychotic & sexually aggressive, but lied in order to get the girl placed. Because of this, we were put in a position where the child repeatedly sexually assaulted my wife, tortured our cats (paralyzing one cat & injuring another), physically assaulted & VERY nearly murdered both of us, until she was finally removed via ambulance & taken to a psychiatric hospital after claiming to be possessed by demons she saw in a mirror. | It was like something out of a horror movie & has been called by professionals, “the worst foster care case ever recorded”. | After she was removed, we filed a police report for sexual battery & assault. The day after the LAPD detective spoke to her, our foster daughter retaliated by filing an allegation against us, but community care licensing would not give us details. | We retained the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis & Associates for $3600 to file a lawsuit against DCFS & paid a second retainer of $6000 to learn what the allegation was & defend us. | Attorney Stephanie Davis of the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis & Associates was assigned to our case. We wrote up a 70-page long retelling of the abuse we suffered at the h&s of our foster daughter & DCFS, along with supporting documents, including demonic drawings & emails to social workers begging for emergency mental health services. | Attorney Stephanie Davis ignored us & refused to respond to any attempts at communication for an entire month. | After mentioning the breach of fiduciary duty to the receptionist at the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis & Associates, attorney Stephanie Davis finally called & admitted she thought my emails ‘might have had a virus’ so she never opened them. | After two months of almost no communication between the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis & Associates & community care licensing, the case was referred to LAPD, who then called us. Attorney Vincent W Davis instructed us to have the officer contact him directly. | On May 29th, the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis & Associates called us & attorney Vincent Davis asked if he was representing us in the “criminal case”. We were shocked & his behavior was strangely guarded & ‘cryptic’. We initially said ‘yes’ (assuming that they would first exhaust the retainers we’d paid), but then he demanded a third $7500 retainer. | Attorney Vincent Davis is aware that we both suffer from severe PTSD & anxiety from our ordeal. Calling us at night with a tone that we interpreted as ‘panicked’ felt like a ploy to scare us into giving him more money. He claimed to have spoken to the police detective, however we later learned from the detective that this was not true & that she never once spoke to anyone from the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis & Associates. | We requested that the other two retainers be exhausted before paying him a third retainer & attorney Vincent Davis refused, threatening to tell the detective that we were unrepresented unless we gave him another $7,500. | We became suspicious that our retainers were being kept while no work was being done. I sent the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis & Associates a concerned, yet polite email requesting a copy of our file to obtain a second opinion from another firm. | Attorney Vincent Davis responded rudely & cancelled our contract in the middle of an active case. Attorney Vincent Davis CC’ed his entire staff at the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis & Associates to stop all work on our cases & they then ignored all attempts at communication from May 30th until around a week later. Meanwhile, I filed a dispute on both retainer charges with my credit card company. | We never received our file or an itemized bill & have reported attorney Vincent W Davis & attorney Stephanie Davis to the California State Bar for ethics violations. We have also submitted for reimbursement of the stolen retainers from the state bar’s client fund. | It took our new attorney less than a week to learn what the allegation was & take big steps towards resolving it. It was so… ‘goofy’ and obviously untrue that nobody initially wanted to tell us what it was. The detective was angry & frustrated that attorney Vincent Davis never returned her repeated calls for such a minor case. | The takeaway is to look at reviews before hiring an attorney. Ignore individual ‘rants’ & look for patterns. There are other reviews in which the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis & Associates are accused of keeping unearned retainers. | Always pay retainers with credit cards, as it allows you to dispute the charge & adds an extra layer of security. | I issue a word of caution to future clientele that our experience with the Law Offices of Vincent W Davis & Associates was incredibly negative.

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