We paid Lawn Services Delfino at 972-841-5059 to mow our lawn bi-weekly last year with great success, we were very pleased with their work. This year they wanted to start coming out to mow the lawn before our lawn was growing at all. Now that our lawn is growing I contacted them and they want to charge me double the cost. AND they said they would come Monday or Tuesday and didn’t show. They then told me that it’s my own fault for waiting til my grass is growing to contact them. I told them I was disappointed that they didn’t do anything to try and keep a good customer (we used them all year last year, paid at time of service every time) and they said I’m not a good customer because I didn’t start using them in March when my grass wasn’t growing. Very poor business in my opinion to tell someone that they aren’t a good customer. Don’t use their service if you want to be treated well.

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