If I had only read some of the reviews prior to moving in … I would have rented somewhere else. I lived at Lawson’s Place for over three years. Although the rent was a bit high (higher than what was posted on the Web site), I liked the location (close to my work), the neighborhood was safe & quiet, and the pool was clean and open from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends. As others have stated, I began getting notes on my door regularly, most advising routine matters like they would be changing the air filters, changing the batteries on the smoke detectors, or performing routine inspections. It was after multiple inspection notices that I asked the property manager what they were inspecting; she said she liked the cleanliness of my apartment and wanted to show it to potential renters. Pool time began to diminish, opening a week or two after Memorial Day and closing well before Labor Day. When asked, the property manager said she was having problems with a renter not following the rules, so she had no option but to close the pool. I guess it was easier to punish all the residents than to simply ban the offender from using the pool. She accused my son of dropping his cigarette butts in the street near her apartment, although she had never actually seen it. When I had a week-end house guest break a corner of the bathroom vanity top, I immediately reported it and she charged $301 to replace it ~ which was outrageous. Things began to get worse the longer I lived there – we had to change our own filters, replace our own smoke detector batteries (not easy for an old lady with no ladder), the back exit was closed so all traffic had to enter/exit one spot, the pool would be locked because “it looked cloudy this morning before I left town””

etc. etc. After providing her 30-days’ written notice that I was moving

she initially refused to pro-rate the rent although she had no problem pro-rating when I moved in. I spent the final day cleaning and even swept out the garage. I rolled the trash can to the curb

turned in my key

provided a forwarding address … and I’m still waiting for my deposit