I tried to take my family on a vacation to this dump and they ripped me off big time! Our cabin was infested with bed bugs and they refused to give us a discount unless we agreed to leave them positive feedback on tripadvisor.com.nWe found out that one of the employees has been working at their ranch for several years as an illegal alien being paid under the table. I have also reported this to the IRS and I will be listing them on wehirealiens.nThe horses are all poorly trained and the head wrangler has an issue with morbid obesity to the point that they are unable to get onto their horse without assistance from another staff member. There is an annoying dog that would wake us up at 4am and then try to attack us when we came outside to see what was going on. When we reported the issue, they just laughed in our faces even though our children were absolutely terrified. nThe owners are completely clueless as how to run this place. They have allowed every building on the property to rot and even the guest cabins seem as though they are going to fall apart at any moment. nThe food was pretty bad and we noticed later on in the week that they were feeding us leftovers from food we had already eaten! nThe hottub is being ran illegally without permits and the maintenance people are not intelligent enough to get the chemicals right which results in all guests getting skin rashes and chemical burns. nThe actual pool was not even open (even though it’s advertised on the website) and looked like it had been used to store biological waste. nAvoid this ranch like the plague unless you enjoy getting ripped off.

1072 East Fork Road Dubois, Wyoming United States of America

(307) 455-2839


Bed & Breakfast