Booked trip May 3, 2016, to Madrid, Spain. Credit card charged and confirmation email received. The nightmare began when upon arrival at ticket counter was told ticket never was paid. Sent to another airline counter and sent back to Amerucan. So much has transpired, but the gist is that I missed my trip, which was planned to meet my daughter studying abroad , due to LBD not responding TWICE to American Airlines’ request to send ticket numbers. Spent the next four hours on the phone with LBD who offered me next day tickets at an additional cost of $280/pp. I declined as I balready paid $2576-ish. Drove back home 2.5 hours. Was promised a call would be received following day and again offered the more expensive fare and a promise to book early enough to catch that flight if we chose. No call. Contacted them again and spent literally until 7:00pm trying to get compensation and a refund for fare, expenses incurred of nearly $1000 (gas, money exchsnge fee, rebooking daughter in Spain flight home, airport parking, toll road fee, dinner, non refundable hotel in Spain, clothing for trip, nails done, luggage purchased, interest on credit card for 50+ days, work missed/vacation time, etc.) I was offered the more expensive flight and $100 on a future flight for both of us, $50 on future flight, and again $100. Seriously… I was lied to NUMEROUS times regarding fault. American provided a printout documenting requests for ticket numbers and indicating reservation would be canceled if not received. I used this info to dispute their attempts to lie. They Blamed American, my credit card being declined (and yet we were charged), timing. The reps were all apologetic and kind…I will give them that. This company is headquartered in CA but service located in India. Accents make reps difficult to understand. It is funny they have all been assigned/chose American names. As of this writing, I have been promised yet again a call from another supervisor.–Scott or Hugh who I spoke with several times. We will see. They really tried to get me to accept flights three times, I assume to simply allow this mess to go away. They owe me my money, my expenses, and I feel two round trip tickets to anywhere. We now have a young daughter in Spain without her classmates who have left, which is the worst part, no trip, $1000 poorer. I am livid and sad…with two girls having their plans ruined as well. I will await a call from Scott.

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