First I booked a flight from las vegas , nv to kalispell , montana , everything went well , till they booked the wrong dates , coz those ppl don’t understand english very we rebooked the right dates , they refund me the money for the 1st travel , but not booking fees..and when I call them to confirm my 2nd travel , I was told , there isn’t a travel , it was cancel..without notice .i was wondering coz they didn’t take the money from my credit card , but they still kept the booking fees for themselves , so on the 7th of july I called them 5 times , and they hang up on me , they don’t want to refund me my flight was from july 1st to july 8th. Those people are really unfriendly , rude and crooks, they should be put out of business right now…and when I asked for the supervisor , they hang up too..

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