Tax payers Please beware! The infamous company that was known as LBS tax Service is still in business. They have hired new “attractive”” people that seen to do everything to help you maximize your return and then disappear like theifs in the night. The people that worked in the LBS offices have all moved to various cities (mostly in FL) and are running thier offices under the new name MILESTONE TAX GROUP or AIDE TAX MANAGEMENT. I did my taxes with a pretty Columbian woman named CYNTHIA at an LBS office on Beechnut St in Houston last year but NEVER received my refund. When I called the IRS they stated that my refund was already deposited into an account in Kentucky. Finally when the office reopened and I looked for Cynthia again some lady on the phone said Cynthia got a promotion to FL. When I went into the office another pretty hispanic lady named LYNDA HOYOS told me that they weren’t affiliated with the company…NOT TRUE! How was able to access my previous tax return? These people are scam artists hiding behind pretty faces. Thanks for listening.”

12136 Beechnut st houston , Texas USA


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