Complaint: I was contaced by phone by Diane Dwise who clams she is a Senior Asset Managet. She said she has some properties in my area that she wants to assign to me to sale. But in order to get those assignments, she needs me to pay $449 for property upkeep/maintainence. I made the mistake and paid. Something didn’t feel right so I immediately googled them after and saw all the terrible reviews. I called her 5 minutes later and requested immediate cancellation. She emailed me back and said they will refund 3-7 days. It’s been 20 days and I still haven’t received a refund. It’s unfortunate that these companies exist and pray on realtors. I will do my best to make sure this doesn’t happen to my other fellow brokers/agents.

Tags: Realtors

Address: 2373 Central Park Blvd Denver, Colorado USA


Phone: 720-515-7037