My english not good, i use 1 hour finish this compliant, please take 1 second to read!In March 2014,i have a agent came to my shop to welcome me to use their merchant service with good deals(1% on credit cards,0% on debit cards,free paper,free set up,no contract)so i chose them,he gave me the paper to fill out my information and sign,i asked about the copy of the lease,and he said tomorrow he come to set up and give it to me.Next day the merchant were ship but no one set up,no paper,no paper work,i called that guy but he didn’t pick up my calls,so i set up by myself.After 3 days to use,i saw they withdrawn 2 times with high fees,i called that guy again but he never picked up my call,i didn’t know what to do because i only have his number,i turned off his merchant right away and put it in their box and turned back my old merchant,but they still withdrawn my money,i came to bank blocked them.Next 6 months,i saw their other account took illegal $2500,and now i didn’t known they used that diffirent account keep withdrawn $99 every months for that 6 months.i closed all my accounts and open all new.Next 5 months their name company show off to keep calling me 10 times a days and mailing me to pay them $5498 for that $200 merchant can find anywhere in ebay,i have their address now i sent their box’s merchant right away with receipt and picture in UPS,but they keep say the lease never cancel and they dont see that merchant.That illegal again because i never sign and have any their contract.And i find down in any web sites LEASE FINANCE GROUP LLC is big scamming company with 300.000 victims in NY case,F rate BBB,thousands of complaints is rip-off,facing in Fox New channel in Sanfransico Cali. I’m very stressfull now because their Scamming plan on me, and they have all my information, they scarring victims also, please check their background to see many victims waiting class action to stop them!. I demand stop scamming. Use with caution

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