Hello Everyone, Recently I purchased a program called Sociamigo from Lee Cole Online. I downloaded the program and everything was great until it asked for a license key to get the program running. I did not recieve a license key so I put in a Support Ticket to get the license key. After you fill out the ticket it tells you to use your email address and gives you a password to check on the support ticket. When I went bak to check on the ticket so I could get my license key it keeps saying invalid password. I wrote Lee Cole directly and for a business owner he’s a very rude person with a bad attitude. One would think as a business owner you would want to help customes instead of being rude to them. Not Lee Cole…. One would also think if there is a problem with the ticket support system an owner would want to get it fixed right away.. Not Lee Cole Here is the copy of my email I sent him with his responses… WOULD YOU WANT TO PAY GOOD MONEY TO BUY A PROGRAM WITH PISS POOR SUPPORT SYSTEM THAT DOESNT WORK AND AN OWNER THAT DOESNT GIVE A DAMN? MY FIRST EMAIL TO HIM… Hello, I purchased Sociamigo Pro yesterday and got my Confirmation emails and have already downloaded the program. The only thing I did not get was the license key. I sent in a request through your ticket system twice with no response. after you fill out your ticket request it gives you login info with a password to check on your tickets. When I put that info in to login it tells me invalid. So I cannot check on the ticket. Can you please send me the license key directly to me through this email.

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