Complaint: After seeing the job posting on craigslist, I applied for the Receptionist/Office position in his dental office. He called me back repeatedly… while i was on the phone with him… he said he was gonna call me back, not to answer, and asking me to call him back and leave him a voicemail explaining who I am, and answering all of the many questions he just left on my voicemail. It started of verrrrry weird. But, I needed a job, asap. So, he called me back a few more times, unsure of when to hv me come in. He wanted me to come in on a Saturday morning when the office was closed. I wish I had never wasted my time going in. I should have used my gutt instinct, b/c he is NOT NORMAL!!! I have never had such a horrible, uncomfortable, long interview in my life! I was there for 2 and a half hours, and could barely get out of there! He had me follow him as he paced from his office to the front at least 10 times while asking me alot of questions, repeatedly. There was no pt for him to pace back and forth and have me follow him. He even checked his email, and then asked me why was i looking at his email, even though he asked me to follow him!? He asked me to fill out a paper with my name and address, and everytime i started, he’d say, “Hold on a second

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Address: follow me…”” and then go back to his office where he has a board with confusinf info for you to learn right then

Website: and then has you open your mouth so he can check yur teeth during the interview! He had many calls while I was there

Phone: and then ask you questions about what he’s written