Complaint: I am a female who purchased a vehicle from Legacy Auto Sales in Amelia, OH. This is actually a two part complaint. The finance company was Credit Acceptance Corporation, Southfield, MI. I dealt with the Owner’s (wife’s) sister, Bridgette. She was the supposed sales person and she tried to make me feel good about my purchase, obviously, but she preyed upon the fact that she was a woman herself and understands how women can get taken advantage of in the car market. Little did I know that she was one of the unscrupulous individuals doing just what she preached about! Bridgette made me feel that she was doing everything that I had requested of Legacy. I paid an additional $50 to have the vehicle inspected by a mechanic in town. Mistake on my part, I asked if I could take the vehicle and they said no because of insurance reasons. Some b/s excuse none the less. Red flags should have been going off but I was naive at the time of this purchase. Like most people, this isn’t our expertise. I took a test drive and advised her that there was a shimmy, per se, while driving the vehicle. She said she would have that looked at. I later found a receipt in the glove box from a local tire place who fixed whatever it was…uh no they didn’t. Here’s what happened! I purchased the vehicle after another test drive and her assurance that everything was good. There were a list of things that I wanted either looked at or repaired prior to purchase. Minor things that I could SEE! She agreed and made it look like they were doing everything in their power to sell me a quality vehicle. She never told me that they didn’t take it to that garage I had requested. Apparently, Bridgette said the $50 was for them to hold the vehicle for me after the fact that I purchased the vehicle and drove it off the lot! I said uh no it wasn’t…with in three days of me purchasing the vehicle the EGC Sensor which was pretty costly for me to fix. I demanded the monies from Legacy for reimbursement. The owner’s wife cussed me out and screamed at me as I threatened to bring it back to their lot and leave it! The SENSOR is a key element to the car, it stalls when that is malfunctioning and won’t restart the car sometimes. I was told by the dealership that fixed it that they see this all the time, they reset the computer so the check engine light didn’t come on and never fixed it! I also started having tire problems again…the tires kept going flat! I took it to the dealer again, this was all within a week of owning it! The tires had a crappy seal gunk around the rims that was shown to me because guess what, each of the RIM’s were bent indicating that this vehicle or at least the RIM’s were damaged in a wreck. They could have put them on but the likelihood given all the mechanical issues with this vehicle it’s not likely. The RIMS were factory, but they were the luxury RIMS so they were over $300 a piece plus mounting, not to mention it chewed up the tires! So that’s 4 new tires, $1200 in RIMS, $350 Sensor bill, and this doesn’t include what I had to pay for the garage fees, etc. I was so distraught, more things started going wrong with it. This was all right after I drove it off the lot. I called and again was told if I show my face their they would call the cops. HELLO, I OWN LEGACY AUTO SALES AND I’M GUILTY OF SELLING LEMONS~ is what she was really saying! THEN oh you will love this, I received a letter from the finance company stating that one or more of my contract terms that were negotiated upon were not accurately disclosed! WHAT! I though oh great, I can get out of this loan for this piece of crap lemon! No, uh huh…I was stupid to think that would be the case. I never signed a new contract! Why shouldn’t it be the case… I was threatened by Legacy, I was threatened by CACorp. and finally there were too many problems with the vehicle, transmission etc. I said come get it! I can’t keep up with all the repairs! I let them repo the car. Then I got sued for the remainder of the balance! I GOT SUED! WHo was on my side, nobody because I wasn’t even able to go to a hearing to defend myself and tell what happened to me! I ended up paying the rest of my contract off, reluctantly of course. Had to borrow the $ to do so! Then now, I try and buy a house, and that’s still on my credit as not been settled! I’m dealing with that demon now! I called the owner personally at CAC. I’m a lot smarter and wiser now! Ihatelegacyautosales Cincinnati, OhioU.S.A.

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