On April 24th I was hit by another motorist who ran the stop sign. My car was totaled beyond repair as a result. This car was a 2003 Toyota Corolla that had only TWO owners, one of which was my aunt. This car was beyond maintained (included with the original owners manual was EVERY oil change it had ever had, which were ALWAYS on time). Because the car was under my mother’s name, she had to deal and speak with Legacy Insurance Services, Inc. It has been a nightmare from the start, with extremely poor, rude and downright derogatory service from the people she spoke with. The car retails for a little over $5000. They’re only going to give her $3000. What kind of DECENT car can we purchase for $3000? We are paying above and beyond because the young man who hit me has this insurance company. His fault and our lives are in turmoil. Instead of being understanding about this stressful situation, their “customer service” agents (NAMELY: a man named Jesus) have been extremely rude to my 62 year old mother. She has been under great stress already because of this accident, now in addition she has to be chastised by every person she talks to at this company. At this point, we are true believers that auto insurance is nothing more than a scam. We have never had to deal with such rude and apathetic people and policies. We now have to take out a loan to purchase a half way decent car and the situation was NOT any of our faults. How their policies are legal is baffling. Therefore this is a formal complaint for the practices and services of Legacy Insurance Services, Inc. in Phoenix Arizona.

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