Complaint: Please avoid any dealings with this farce of a company. Legalmatch is majority owned by a convicted criminal. Do not ever believe the sales pitches. They often deliberately oversell an area to lawyers like LA, Phoenix, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, southern florida, New York etc. Easily half of the leads are from people looking for free work or simply can’t afford legal fees. Memberships run from a few thousand a year up to 75,000 a year.Some lawyers can make money but most honestly just break even or wind up losingeverything they gave to the company. And don’t fall for the multiple year memberships. They are a sure way to go broke. They promise you only the poor leads they get – the clients are NEVER pre-screened. If you are foolish enough to join, always ask for the Legalmatch Guarantee and only for a year. Most employees leave due to the sleazy sales tactics, cheap bonuses,deliberate lack of responses to questions and concernsof member lawyers or being told to tell lawyers they have worked there for a long time when in reality it’s a month or two or that their area is not oversold or even profitable (total joke). The owner was convicted of breaking into a competitors email. He has a token CEO but he runs the show in every way. STAY AWAY!!!

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Address: S San Francisco S San Francisco, California United States of America