I recently purchased some furniture from Legends and they promised to deliver it within a week. When they delivered some of the furniture was missing. They said it will be delivered next week. One week later still no sign of the furniture. Every time I called they said they need one more week. Its been 5 weeks now and no sign of the furniture. When I went to get a refund they refused to give my money back. All the sales people there are very rude. the person who sold me the table was called Jimmy. Whenever I call them, I’m told to deal with Jimmy directly. But Jimmy is never available. Maybe he no longer works there. It is very frustrating dealing with these people. They will not deliver my furniture. Nor will they refund my money. I’ll be happy if I can just get my money back. These people engage in deceptive sale practice. They will lie about their delivery date, even when they know that they don’t carry a particular item.

3323 Hyland Avenue Costa Mesa, California United States of America

(714) 433-2902

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