Complaint: Be very wary of buying from online pharmacies. I was just scammed by one. The name is and they got me for $179.00. I went against my better judgement on this adn I got pinched! At first i ordered 30 tablets. Then I get a call from them saying the 30 tabs were out of stock thyat I had to buy 60. I said ok to that. Then the guy told me that they only take payments through Western Union. Then it gets stranger. He told me tyhat I had to send the payment to some “person”” in the Dominican Republic! This stunk so bad of scam but I was desparate and went ahead with it. He tells me it would arrive in 3 to seven business days so I said ok. Then the guy calls me back and says he can get it to me the next day. I said great! so the next day dawns and I get a call from some guy claiming to be a DEA agent and that they had my name on a report that I bought illegal drugs and they had an arrest warrant!! Well I laid into that clown good! I saqid your a scam aretist you lying dog! if you have an arrest warrant on me then bring it to me.! you have my address you dirty crook.! Actually the words I used can’t be repeated here but he kept on yapping and I said yeah come and get me and I hung up the phone! I can’t believe I went for this. These people scam a persone and when they get their money

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Address: they come up with a stupid ruse to scare the persone into sending more money! Then they disappear and reestablish a new web site with a new name and it begins again. The names of these scammers include Peter Velez

Website: and Michael Thomas. The calls come from Florida so be aware of this scam. If your gut tells you “”ah hell no””

Phone: Peter Ramse