Complaint: DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM LEGITDRUGSTORE as they are anything but legit – You wire them money via Western union – a clown name Dani Jerez picks up in dominican Republic and it is gone – Say they will send you tracking as soon as you send money but they do not – they call and deman more money and then they will give you tracking – YES-RIGHT!!! They asked for 277 for my order and I sent – picked up in 3 minutes and Brian – the head thief, was demanding more – another 277 before he would send tracking and refused to send money bACK. CHANGE phone numbers frequently in Va and west Va but call here all wee hrs of the night and day and slam me or threaten me. Yesterday Brian called and whispered “Can you hear me?”” Then yelled “”F”” you. Well he is a big wussy and I assure you he has not got a set so not wottied about that. He is mental as is his boss

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Address: Joe and they belong in a mental hospital. I am 65 and he talaks to me like this – Imagine how he would treat a younger person who stumbled on this FAKE SITE -STAY FAR AWAY FROM Legitdrugstore as they have nothing but thiefs to steal your money and POTTY MOUTHS. I WOULD put nothing past this bunch and only way I get the phone numbers is caller ID as not listed on fake site – As I said

Website: Then go ahead and call the scam dept at WU. Their number is 800-562-2598 and they spread the word and will accept no money for these buffoons!!”

Phone: You have to hit “”contact us”” at top of fake