Ordered this mug around the 20th of December. I figured it might take a little longer because of the holidays and because it seemed to be a promotion for the mugs.. Soo- I was surprised when on Dec. 22nd I had already received an email that the mug had shipped– like others, the tracking number said that a label has been created in Buffalo, NY but has not shipped. There have since been no status updates for the mug. Paypal charged long ago. It is Jan 16th now – almost a month. I would just like a refund at this point or for the mug to get to me ASAP. Received an email to review the order and I responded that I had not received the mug yet.. I have also written an email to the only address I could find. Doesn’t seem to be a website listed… Too bad- I was hoping for a cute gift.

West Seneca, New York USA

http://[email protected]/