Went online to look for a good used hot tub when I ran across the advertisment for Laguna Spas. Discounted spas at half the retail price so I contacted the company. I should of never sent that email. Do yourself a favor and buy locally from a local business that can take care of any issues that come up. Dealing with Leisure Products is a disaster. I purchased a spa in Aug of 2012 was told that it would arrive in 15 day. 48 days later no tub.When it got here it was delivered at night, but when I took the shrink wrap of the next morning there were 18 broken panels. I contacted Lagunas Nation Sales Manager Scotty Baker and was told to take pictures which I did, and emailed them to him. 13 broken panels and all four corners. He ordered them for me said it will be about a week. 2 months later still no panels, went ahead and moved the unit into the location for the tub, and the heater takes 3 and a half daysto go from 50 degrees to 100 degrees. They tell me that they will contact a repairman to come out and fix the tub. 2 months later no repairs done. Another repairman does come out on Monday tells me he will fix the tub on Friday. On Friday he leaves message that Laguna will not pay for the repairs. I call them again and no resolution. I tell them that I have been patient enough at 7 months and I want to have them refund my money. They all but tell me that the problems were all cused by me and basically tell me to pound sand. I will be in court today as I filed a small claims action against them as so many others have done. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE RIP OFFS

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