I am finally allowed to talk about this and I am still fired up. I was an employee of Lenscrafters for four years. During that time I received more customer service awards and maintained some of the highest levels in the store. However things came crashing down when a new DM was hired. In comes Rocki Bible. A former bigwig at LA Fitness. Ironically you can find another article on here about Rocki Bible. Rocki came into the company with a focus that was similar to her previous job. “If they cry

they’ll buy.”” Her goal is to scare people and their health problems and exploit that into selling more product. She would even encourage regular associates to pry into the personal lives of patients asking questions about heart disease or illnesses in their family. This is the sort of behavior that she strictly enforces on her managers and associates. Now we have the discrimination and retaliation from the GM of Lenscrafters of West County

Jaime Bauer. At first pleasant and understanding

her motives soon showed through. I was witness to several fradualent transactions that she orchestrated on patients. She would void transactions that showed remakes or bad product. At times she would mark out frames and lenses from the back to show in the system that the transaction never happen. Furthermore Jaime Bauer has failed her ABO certification test twice. The ironic and sad part is that she tells patients untrue information about their glasses and the lenses they have. She would go as far as stating that they had a lens they really didnt have so she could oversell them by 100’s of dollars. Many times I called my corporate office to tell them about this fraud and unethical behavior and Rocki Bible always found a way to sweep it under the rug. I knew by exploiting this that retaliation would soon follow. However I didnt know that it would be obvious sexual discrimination. Myself and another associate

who has been with the company for years