When I purchased the glasses, I was told that the store could accurately read my progressive lenses, and prepare a pair of sunglasses to match the prescription. I was told that due to the strength of my reading prescription, the lenses would have to be special ordered. They should be in the store in 7-10 days. After almost two months of waiting, and being told that the suppliers were backordered, they offered to provide me with a loaner pair of glasses, while they would continue to wait for the lenses I ordered. nThey also told me at that time that the lenses I wanted, could not be polarized as I wished, and that they would have to order them with a lesser prescription for reading ( 3.25 vs 3.50). I agreed because I wanted this oddysey to be over with. After three or four weeks, I had to call the store to be told that the glasses were in and that they thought I had been called. nI went to the store and exchanged the loaner glasses for the long awaited “real”” ones

and found that I couldn’t really see out of them. I decided that I would try them for a week or two and see if My eyes would adjust. They didn’t

so I went back to the store to return the glasses on Saturday

Feb.25th. nThey took back the glasses. Because my current debit card number didn’t match the one with which I purchased the glasses

they told me that I would have to be issued a check from the home office. They said that I would have it the following Wednesday