Leonore Dalmacio works for the William vale hotel in Brooklyn. She is a scammer that defrauds old people out of their money by either giving them counterfeit insurance policies or stealing their credit card numbers and identity. In the past she did the same while working for an airline. She also pretends to be a recruiter and offers fake jobs chargin her victims up front. There are multiple reports online from different sources describing her crimes committed in the US and also in the country of Philippines where she is from. She uses many aliases and usually claims that her husband is an american physician. Because she doesn’t have a criminal record in the U.S. her employer the William vale doesn’t want to take action and fire her but if you have ever visited this hotel and suddenly found your credit card or identity stolen then you should contact the police immediately. Also to clarify other reports on this site Ghie Alcantara is not Leonore Dalmacio. They are two different people but Alcantara is Leonore’s friend and boss at the William vale hotel and she covers up for her. SB

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