Complaint: Lernks Financial Services mailed a notice and a check for $4500.00 to my husband stating he was also a 2nd prize winner in a lottery that he never entered. The check was to help pay the non-resident tax on the $450,000.00 prize. The check was from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh; drawn on PNC Bank, Oakland Branch in Pittsburgh, PA. Having already seen the suspicions posted 7/1/11 and 7/3/11, I felt it would be interesting to call Lernks to see what they were fishing for. Perhaps they were using Caller-ID. All I gave was a first name. The representative advised me that the check was activated, that I must deposit the check, then call back after that was done. The representative stated that the lottery payment would then be sent as a certified check from Washington by UPS to arrive tomorrow. I advised the Lernks’ representative that I had no intention of depositing the check without showing it to an accounting representative or legal representative. He stated that was fine and to call back when then was done. I then called the PNC Bank, Oakland Branch in Pittsburgh, PA at 1-412-621-0300. I spoke with a gentleman named Stan. I stated that I had received a suspicious check drawn on an account at that bank. He immediately asked if the check was from a “Carnegie”” account. I confirmed that it was. He stated that the check was false. He recommended destroying it. He gave a PNC Customer Srvc # 1-800-762-2265

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Address: but they had no info. Recommended taking check into a local branch.”


Phone: 228 Riverside Blvd Sydney, Nova Scotia United States of America