I hired Glen Delarosa of Level Group, LLC of Plainfield, IL to do some work for me in July 2013 (over a year ago as I write this) and I am still currently contacting them to finish the job. We paid them over $12,000! Now he will not return my calls because he has moved on to other projects that haven’t paid him yet. While much of the work was completed as agreed, they have left the project unfinished despite repeated assurances that they will complete the work. It is a year later. As part of this project we had them build a patio stairway. It has a large stone missing from the side of the stairway where an exterior outlet is located. Glen Delarosa agreed to have this outlet moved so that the stairway could be completed. But he has not done so in over 1 year. We also contracted Glen Delarosa and the Level Group, LLC to seal our patio and use polymeric sand. The reason we did this is because our patio is made of pavers and they had shifted over the years creating all sorts of problems. Glen assured us that his work would solve this problem. And we believed him and hired him to do this. However, Glen Delarosa did not plan for the weather and after the first sealing of our patio and application of polymeric sand, it rained and these products failed. We had to call him and tell him this. There were grey stains all over the patio. After delays in responding and rescheduling meeting with him he agreed to address this. He showed up in October 2013 to try agin. But he did not plan for the weather AGAIN! And it rained and it failed AGAIN! So I had to call him because he never thought to follow up to ask if we were satisfied or if the rain had impacted his work. Finally he agrees to come again and try again but now it would have to be spring. Fast forward to spring 2014 and Glen does not contact me so I call him. He agrees to some dates to try again. He misses those dates. I call him again. He agrees to later dates and misses those. I call him again. Finally in July 2013 he makes his THIRD attempt to complete the sealing of the patio and application of polymeric sand. IT RAINS AGAIN. While he was doing the work I informed him of the forecast. And he still proceeded! Hey weather happens – but not 3 times! There is something fundamentally wrong with the fact that he has tried to fix this 3 times and failed. He simply blamed this on “bad luck””. I can come up with several other colorful explanations. You can draw your own conclusions. Through the course of all of this he has given me the impression that his other projects are a priority and as a result he has still not satisfactorily resolved our problems or completed what we had originally contracted him to do. In fact the only time he has been able to show up after long periods of trying to schedule with him is if he has another project in our area. Our electrical outlet has still not been moved and we have a large stone missing from our stairway and now I am on the hunt for a new contractor that will not rip me off!”

13400 S. Route 59, Suite 116-212 Plainfield, , Illinois USA