Complaint: Levende charged me more than I signed the credit card slip for after I left the restaurant and will not correct the issue. Manager actually told me to f***-off over the phone when I called to work it out with him. DO NOT GO HERE!! I took my step-sister out for her b-day back in March. The bill came out to $80 for the two of us (dinner, drinks plus tax & tip). My credit card statement came back with $160. When I called the restaurant to correct it, the manager told me that they receive many calls regarding over payment (this might be a hint…) from weekend customers. He suggested that I might have had too much to drink and forgot that I left a generous tip. When I told him that I may have had too much diet coke to drink, but not enough to forget putting down a $100 tip, he kindly hung up on me. I called him back immediately to see if I could work it out one more time (being naive enough to think the line was disconnected)–he told me that it was not a mistake, he would not fix it, and that I should go f** myself and hung up on me again. I have since then taken this to my credit card company–who’s hands are tied until Levende Lounge responds back in writing (thank you Credit Card Bill of Rights). Co Folsom, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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