Complaint: My LexisNexis sales rep knew I was struggling in my second year as a solo practitioner in my law firm. Eventually, I told him I was going under and needed to complete my contracts which only had a few months left. He showed me “hit”” reports on my website and said if I “”just got one good case”” it would pay for the entire next year and save my office and my only livelihood. I “”had nothing to lose”” because if the magic case didn’t materialize

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Address: then I would be released from my contract because the business would no longer exist locally. In fact

Website: he had amnesia about any of the conversations we had or any of the assurances he gave me for recission of the contract if I was no longer able to practice? I can attest from my experience

Phone: I had been released from a West contract on that basis when I moved to my new location. And it was the LexisNexis rep who told me West would release me for that reason if I only asked. Then he could sign me up with LexisNexis. So thoughtful of him.Gosh