Complaint: LIBERTY Automotive in Montclair picked up my car on 8/8/00 gave me a written estimate of $1,195.00 to rebuild my engin. $300.00 more if I didnot have a rebuildable core. A few days later Gus called from Liberty and said it would be $2,400.00 instead of $1,195.00. I asked why, and he said, $945.00 for a core, $1,195.00 to rebuild it, and $250.00 for a new clutch. Mine was shot he said. I told him you said $300.00 if it needed a new core not $945.00. I also asked why do I need a new clutch when my car is a automatic and I don’t have a clutch? Gus said, what color is your 240sx? I said red. He said, I have the wrong paper work, I’ll call you back. Which he did. and said it was still 2,400.00. I said if nothing else the price should go down $250.00 since I don’t have a clutch. Gus said I told you the price, after 5:00 p.m. I start charging you storage for your car. I told him I don’t have that much money, put my car back together and I will have it picked up. Gus said, I’m not touching your car unless you pay me $2,400.00. I said you have to put it back together because no shop will touch it torn down. He said, you heard what I said. I said fine, put all the parts inside the car and I will have a tow truck there within the hour to pick my car up. Gus said fine, just be sure the driver has $1,195.00 or he isn’t getting your car. I said I’m not paying you that kind of money to get my car back in peices. Gus than said, “LADY

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