Complaint: This has got to be one of the biggest scam type companies to work for. They go by the name of Liberty Business Consulting and are located in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. Let me explain my story here. I graduated college some months ago and I was applying for jobs daily on many sites like careerbuilder monster etc. After a month I received an email from this company for an interview. I was so excited. I thought finally getting a job right outta college in a marketing company in this economy was the best thing that has happened to me in my work life. I researched their site and found nothing of value or entailing what one would actually do in this position. But my excitement brushed this skepticism aside and I was ready for my interview which was scheduled for the NEXT DAY. I got to this building in the afternoon and after running circles I finally found this small office space in the corner ground level of the huge building and walked in. There were other interviewees sitting on a black leather sofa accompanied by a receptionist sitting at her computer blasting the local radio. I took my seat in a chair and the receptionist made small talk. It was kinda uncomfortable and tacky to have all interviewees at the same spot same time. We were looking at each other and I bet we were all thinking d**n look at all this competition. Nonetheless, a manager walks out into the room from a small sunroom the size of my walk in closet and takes one of the interviewees for an interview. It lasts about 10 minutes and I walk in next. This was the worst most dumbest interview of my life. The chick interviewing me just told me what they were that they were an outsourced company handling direct energy, marketing firm and a management training program. She never once mentioned door to door sales (probably cuz she knew no one would come back if she did lol). And after she rambled on for a few minutes and asked me basic interview questions like what’s ur biggest strength, weakness etc.. She proceeded to tell me I would be called that afternoon if I was to move to the second round for another interview. I left then. That evening I received a phone call asking me back for another interview. Wo h*o I though. I must have stood out in their eyes cuz there were so many other applicants there. I went back e next day in my suit and resumes. I saw about 5 other applicants there and was told we was each be going out with an an account manager to shadow them and see what a day in this job entailed off. And they told us that at the end of the day one out us 5 wud be selected for the position. Well out we headed out in my leaders car and he started asking me what the definition of marketing was. I was like what the hell is he asking me. Does he not know I have a degree in business from looking at my rsum. Stop asking me stupid simple crap I thought. The after he started talking to me about sports, hobbies and all and I felt like he was trying to be my friend rather than interviewing me. After about 20 minutes of driving we parked at meter along a strip where there were many businesses. Now at this point I am thinking that we will be going into a business with per professionals in suits that are EXPECTING us and close some deals. Instead we walked into Bill’s Pizza. Wow. And then this guy started a pitch to the person working there and then I suddenly realized this was a door to door sales job. Wow. So we end up going door to door for about 3 hours getting people to sign up for Direct Energy until we hit lunch. The leader pays for my lunch and he breaks down the pay which you guys must know by now reading other posts. Like first few weeks u make 300 then u get promoted and u make a there from 500-1000 Wow! Then in a year you make $80,000 MINIMUM. LOL! He never mentioned that it was 100% commission. Sooo we hit the stores for more 4 hours in the summer heat in our dress clothes getting rejected over and over again until some elderly guy working in a small place let us sign up for some accounts after constantly persuading him to. We get back to the office at e end of the day. And they have me fill out an application in which one of the questions are like why do you think unsafe ready for this positions over the other candidates. I fill it out I leave. On my ride home they call me. They offer rme the position and I accept. Well to make a long story short I quit 3 weeks later. I burned hundreds in gas food cleaning. And made 221 dollars for 3 weeks of FULL TIME work working 45 hrs a week!! I was making more at the gas station I was working in than this pathetic excuse of a company. Guys if you have a degree do not go for this job. It is 100% commission and I have to spent 100 dollars of gas 30 bucks in food and other crap that they never reimburse you for. Get a real sales job where there is a base and the company INVESTS in you!! The only positive I took from this experience was seeing what a cool location the Philly area was and maybe I will live there in the upcoming years. Lol.

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Address: 610 Germantown Pike Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania United States of America