Complaint: I was looking around for an apartment around February of 2015 at that point in time I came across Liberty Landing Apartments, They looked like really nice apartments so I decided to go take a look at them. I went into there office on a Friday Afternoon, And there was a lady in the front of the office I believe her Name is Alyssa she was Texting on her phone and so I decided to take a seat until she was finished, after about 10 minutes she was still sitting at her desk (did not even bother to get up and greet me) and said “what can I help you with”” with a very rude attitude. this has happened quite a few times the next time I went into the office Alyssa and Jeff were having a conversation about their weekend and did not even bother to help me.. I had to ask if they were going to help me or not giving them the benefit of the doubt I continued to explain my moving situation and that I was looking for a One bedroom apartment. She then told me they had an opening becoming available in a month and that was the time I was looking to move. she then told me I had to pay an application fee and that was Totally fine with me. Then she told me I needed to go to my bank and get a blank Check and make it for the amount of $99.00 and that this check would hold the apartment for me. SHE PROMISED me that if i changed my mind I would get my money back and they WOULD NOT cash the check so I did not do a stop payment with my bank (I should have) .. well she Lied to me! On Friday May 1st the check was Cashed. I called in Several times On that Saturday Morning to ask questions on why the check was cashed and the Lady became very rude over the phone and hung up on me 3 times. The following Monday I called Jeff I guess he is the Manager.. he was not helpful at all and very rude as well

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Address: he told me that they did not say that they would not cash the check (another lie). the reason why I decided NOT to move into these apartments is because their customer service is completely AWFUL and I am glad i made the right decision on NOT moving into their apartments. I am requesting a FULL refund of the $99.00 that was cashed without my permission.”


Phone: 7028 Cherry Leaf Dr West Jordan, Utah USA