We made the tragic mistake of hiring them to do painting and wallpaper in our new home. They are a pest control company who thought it would be prudent to take advantage of people by acting as though they are in an industry they know nothing of. Not only did these people have no clue what they were doing (see pictures), but they flat out lied to both me and my spouse about the work they completed and the time they worked. I’m guessing they thought that because we had an illness in the family (this is actually something that they prey on), we would not go back to the house to check the work so they actually lied to us over the phone saying “the wallpaper removal was complete” and they “were working until 4:30PM everyday” – of course this is a complete lie and contrary to all electronic evidence. By the time we got there to see what had been done we were devastated. This is the list that we made for them. 1. As I mentioned, despite you and Dan both telling Mina and I that you finished the wallpaper, this was not true. You were flat out dishonest. 2. In the music room: A half-full coffee cup and outlets were left on our vintage upright piano. The floor in this room was not covered properly – only the two feet closest to the wall was covered. Debris was stuck to the hardwood floor. This room also contained debris and trash, both in and out of trash bags. The wallpaper (in any part of the house) was not removed correctly. The walls had tons of small pieces left on the walls and in the trim. The walls were gouged all over the place. 3. In the foyer closet: Instead of actually scraping the texture off of the walls, someone decided it would be better to simply put a very thick coat of drywall mud on the surfaces. Yet, even this was left unfinished. This is not at all what we discussed and very unprofessional. This mistake will be very costly to correct. Drywall was smeared on the handcrafted wood trim. The bucket of mud was left sitting in the closet unsealed with the spackling knife stuck inside. 4. The kitchen sink was left filthy and tools left on the kitchen counter. 5. In the guest room: Buckets were left with rags and fluid in them. A board was removed from the floor trim and left in the middle of the floor [with NAILS STICKING UP]. Large patches of wallpaper, scattered throughout the room were never removed. There appears to have been no attempt to remove the wallpaper in a professional or methodical fashion. Your “crew” failed to use basic wallpaper removal techniques like scoring the wallpaper with a razor knife where the wallpaper meets the wood trim. A complete mess was left behind. The skylights were not covered despite our specifically requesting from you at least twice. We explained that covering all of the skylights was the first thing that had to be done because the house is designed for air to through through that area for heat transfer to the rest of the house. As a result has circulated to every room of the house. 6. In the office: The same issues with the wallpaper – sparsely removed, gouged walls, and shreds left near the trim, trash and debris all over the floor. No skylights were sealed allowing dust to leave the room and cover other areas of the house. Again, we requested that these areas be specifically sealed tightly – they were not. Our personal belongings were not covered properly despite assurances from you that they would be. Someone simply threw a contractor bag over the pile. Our belongings, including a new printer, ended up being covered in dust. Floor vents and baseboard heating openings were left uncovered and are now filled with debris – the same that remains all over the rest of the room. We knew something was wrong when they wanted 50% up front, were beginning to put the job off by weeks at a time and could not turn around a simple quote to sheetrock a the walls in a small room. We still gave them the 50% deposit. We kindly offered to allow them to KEEP $1000 (to basically destroy our home and lie to our face), plus what it cost to install a dog door. Instead, they declined offering us $70 back out of an excess of $3k that we paid them. We had professionals come in after the fact and they were astonished at the destruction they saw. These are, without a doubt, the most evil group of folks I have ever known. Please please please stay far away from them if you don’t want to get your lives turned upside down like ours have. NOTE: The only thing that they have to say is that they “tried to come and clean up their mess”…however, I ask you….would you have these same people (who destroyed your home and LIED to you about it) come back for any reason? Of course we refused. .

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