Payday loan promised for amount of 2000 dollars not honored


My Complaint: i was approached by a person at telephone number 510 214 7570 over phone for a payday loan. stated I was approved for 2000 dollars but due to my low credit score I would have to show by buying a money pak green dot card in the amount of my first payment of 180 dollars. also stated by mr sanders that this money would not be withdrawn but just proof I could make future loan payments in same amount and within an hour the money would be deposited in my account. after an hr I found out that the money wasn’t deposited and the money on green dot money pak card was removed. after talking to them (after me calling them several times) they stated that my bank was not a member of their organization of banks and was unable to place money in my bank…but for an additional $255 to pay for a western union in the amount of 2180 dollars which would include the money taken off green card, they would wire me the loan. I told them I wouldn’t be sending them any more money til they made good on the initial agreement of not charging my green dot card and depositing the loan amount. they said if I don’t send the cost of the western union in another green card I would not get loan or my 180 dollars back and then hung the phone up with me. I then contacted you.


My Demand: full return of $180 they took off green dot card