In April/2010 I took my tax information to the Liberty Tax office at 1 Wexford Road, Unit 11 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I met with Mr. Dave Poole. He was going to prepare my 2009 tax return.On May 4th, 2010 he called me saying he needed information regarding the original purchase prices of some stocks. I brought to him a bound book containing all my purchase history for the stocks, account histories, account numbers, social insurance number and banking information. He reviewed it and said that was what he needed. Inside this book were the original purchase documents with all my personal information. I told him very clearly that I needed this back. Not only did they lose this book, but they never completed my 2009 return and never called back. I only realized this when I began to receive my 2010 tax information and in going through my records, found that my 2009 information was missing. I visited Mr. Poole February 16 only to find my uncompleted return filed away in a drawer but m

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