Multiple transaction made on my card after ordering a skincare product from their website.


My Complaint: I would like to bring to ur urgent attention that Life Cell website is hacked and not secure – from their response to my incident, I can confirm that they’re a scam and highly unlikely that their website is hacked by a third party.

My bank information has been stolen from their website and an unauthorized transaction made on my card for $189/-.

My bank has informed me that at the same time that I made the purchase for the cream online on their website Life Cell, another SECOND transaction was made for the same exact amount $189/ from another entity called ” ALL IN 1 SKIN ” based in Malta – this is in addition to the $189 debited from my card from the entity LIFE CELL as per my bank statement.I did not make any other online transaction that day or in fact this month. Therefore im 100 percent sure that my details were stolen from their website. Details of the fraud transaction from the bank have been given to me.


My Demand: shut down website – my card details was stolen to make unauthorised transactions when i made the purchase on their website