On 10/7/03 I ordered a free sample from enzyte.com– To my knowledge I was only to pay shipping and handling- I did not see the small print that says I am automatically entered into a scam! nOn 10/9/03 they charged my credit card for the shipping of my free sample- I recieved my free sample on 10/16/03 and threw it in a drawer. nOn 10/02/03 I saw a charge had been debited from my credit card for 69.95 I called Enzyte (I later found out this is Lifekey)and asked them to credit the charge they placed on my card on 10/31/03- n The woman Lisa (A real a*s) said she would not credit my account even though had I not known about the automatic charge. I then asked her to explain the process worked and she said that they ship out the next order within the last 5 days of the 30 day trail period. (25 days from ordering sample)- This I explained to her had not happened as she should have been charging me on 10/4/03 which would have been 5 days from my original charge of 10/9/03 or even 10/2/03 which would be 5 days within 10/7/03 when I placed the order. nShe offered no explanation of why I was Charged on 10/31/03 but refused to help me and when I asked for information on her company- her response was I would have to discover that for myself. nMajor Rip-Off Company nGlennnd**e, VirginiaU.S.A.

enzyte.com Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.

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