I placed an on-line order for a “free”” sample of Enzyte. Although the page indicated that it would be shipped immediately

I did not receive it for over a month. I used the product

decided that it was not effective and would not order more. nWhen I saw the $69 charge on my credit card

I called the company and asked why I was being charged when I did not place an order for addtional bottles of the product. The agent was polite and said the “”fine print”” on the web page indicated that I would be subscribing for the product unless I cancelled within 30 days of the sample order. Because I received the product well OVER 30 days after I placed the “”free”” sample order

it doesn’t make sense that I would cancel before I had an opportunity to try the stuff. I explained this to the agent and she agreed to refund one-half of the $69 charge and send me two free bottles. This is bit better than some people have experienced but I’m still out some money. nRobertnKailua