We were also ripped-off by Lifestyle Holidays. We puchased a VIP Platinum Membership in April 2008 and were told numerous LIES by our salesman. We have still not recieved our deed from Dr. Jesus Garcia/LH Escrow Agency in Miami,Fla. or our book of Sister Resorts.n 1)Every e-mail I sent to customer service asking questions has gone unanswered.The telephone numbers we were given have been busy or won’t go though for 4 months now. n 2)We were told making reservations was “just a phone call away””. When we arrived home our first e-mail from customer service stated we had to make reservations through e-mail or fax…not by telephone.Not at all what we were told by our saleman.I tried to make a reservation and nothing was available.n 3)We were given a CD to set up a web site to rent our villa(that’s how they get new people to sell to) and it was completely BLANK! I asked for a new CD and they didn’t know what I was talking about. n 4)I cannot get on the web site as a member

and they can’t answer why

so I can’t search for their Sister resorts either. I can only e-mail customer service and wait sometimes 7 days to get any kind of answer.n 5)We were given a RCI membership for 2 years as part of our membership.There are 4 couples on our contract but only 2 names were given to RCI and mine wasn’t one of them so I cannot exchange through RCI.They have done NOTHING about this to date after many e-mails.n I have contacted Bank Of America and put this in dispute. I have also contacted the Federal Trade Commission and filed a formal complaint. PLEASE contact them as the more complaints they have the better. They investigate on companies out of the country. Their telephone number is 877-382-4357. I also contacted the Attorney General in Fla. as that is where the escrow agency is located. I can’t find out if this escrow company is licensed as no one in Fla. seems to know from the Attorney Generals office to the Dept.of Bussiness & Professional Regulators but I will continue to find out because no one seems to have them listed….strange isn’t it? nGingernManahawkin

New JerseyU.S.A.”

Columbus Plaza,Torre1 Playa Cofresi,Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic