Lifestyles Holidays Vacation Club (VHVC) are out of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic but they are expanding and starting to go to other locations like Cancun. Their representatives will make all kinds of promises of great rooms, experience, food, and VIP treatment but they are all lies. We bought into their promises and got the total opposite. They show you beautiful rooms but know that their is no guarantee that you will get one like that. They make you pay for all-incluse daily and it ends up costing you thousands of dollars!!! They are scamming a lot of people out of money and since they are out of the Dominican Republic it is very hard to take legal action. Do yourself a favor and book through anyplace else like or (great rooms for great prices) instead of going through them. It is really all a scam just to get money out of people you end up paying more for you trip going through them. I have pictures of what they promise and what you actually get. Do not believe their lies.

57000 Puerto Plata Puerto Plata, Other Dominican Republic


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