I have purchased from the company a couple times, they sent me an email asking me to leave a review and if I did they would give me an offer code. So I submitted the review, they shortly emailed me a 15% off offer code. I accidentally deleted the email. Assuming since they would see that I didn’t use the code I could simply ask for another. Through purchases and reviews I earned that code. So I emailed them asking for a new one. The first email reply was saying that they had no record of me. And the second email reply was saying that I was given this code along time ago and I already used it. That is not true. I had used the first code that was given to me a pint signing up as a new member in September. The new one in November was given to me and lost. They refused to give me my code by giving me a multitude of different excuses and blaming the previous rep of the company. I know this is a small complaint but I am a business owner and I find it despicable for what they did. I think they should be reported, however small the gripe considering the matters of principle and honor. They are a company who claims to be held in high regard when in fact it has been the opposite. They never gave me my earned 15% off code back that I lost. They are cheap and shady.

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