Complaint: Now I admit I have had my share of citations. I payed closed to $2000 in 2010 to clear my record so I could re-instate my license. The clerk of courts and I did an extensive search for ALL possible tickets and found nothing anywhere, but the ones I paid for. And so I DID get my license back. But now for the past year, every few months, I get an official looking document, telling me I owe money for tickets not paid for. That my license is in jeopardy of suspension, if not already suspended. Now I am terrified to drive, but need to. They really did a number on my head and my emotions, because I have a mother with a terminal illness that I take care of. The first three letters the amounts for the tickets were the same. And the total astronomical to pay back. It wasn’t until my fiance noticed on the last notice that the prices all changed. Plus he was suspicious about the so-called “case numbers””. They just sounded bogus. What these people did to me is horrendously inexcusable. They have been terrorizing me with this for the better part of a year. I mean actual tears. I thought I would be going to jail

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Phone: nor could I have come up with the money they swore I owed. And to use the Palm beach county court system to do this is unbelievable. Plus if this is a scam ( and I believe we all know that it is) using the US Mail service makes it federal does it not? Isn’t there some kind of legal actions we can use to get paid for our pain and suffering due to these malicious scam artists. Can’t the Feds put these criminals away