My wife received a notice of unpaid toll from this company on behalf of eXpress Toll and the Northwest Parkway. I knew this had to be a scam because we moved from Colorado to Oregon in January 2012 and after relocating I successfully closed my account with eXpress Toll. Anyone with an eXpress toll account always kept a minimum amount on deposit in their account to immediately debit any toll from and this was the case with us. We always kept $20 balance in the account to debit against. When I closed the account they successfully charged me for any recent tolls and then returned my account balance to our bank debit card. We were paid up in full! Add to this the fact that my wife’s name had never been registered with the account as i ordered the transponders. Also, we did not own a car at the time we moved to Oregon in January 2012 becuase we had just completed a 3 year lease for a car and had surrendered it already back in Nov 2011. So there was no way a toll could have been created for my wife on any car where we were registered. Also thisunpaid toll notice was sent to a temporary address where we were vacationing in Hawaii and not to our Oregon address. How would this legal firm have gotten such an address? When I decided to search online for other reports similar to mine for this legal firm I was not at all suprised when I found this site Ripoff Scams which contained multiple other similar accounts to notices being sent to others with suspicious charges similar to ours. This company is a scam as is this notice.

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